The Ba Table
The foundation of One Hundred Ninth’s Graham Kelman Collection is the use of digital design methodologies and meticulous craftsmanship to create maximally expressive works with a pragmatic core. The sculptural shape of the Ba Table table is informed by geometric tessellation, allowing a single shape to multiply infinitely, with the greatest variety of configurations possible. This concept gives the Ba Table its flexibility; ideal for elegantly adapting to any space and use. Every curve is seemingly unrestrained and gestural, yet precise and purposeful – it needs to be exactly what and how  it is to work the way it does. 

Ba Table (Small)
22 1/2" × 24" × 17"
Steel, Powder-Coated Finish
The Ba Table is a self-commissioned product, designed with the goal of creating a single, scalable element that could compliment a multitude of  spaces and uses, across residential and commercial applications: from dorm room side table to grand living room coffee table;  retail display to the gallery art installation or the  lobby lounge to a private office. Alone, the Ba Table is a sculptural accent piece; a bold gesture when multiplied.

The Ba Table is a collaboration between Graham Kelman Studio  and  One Hundred and Ninth, a full-service design and fabrication practice  that specializes in imagining and building sculptural elements.

Composed of two layers of 14 gauge powder-coated steel hovering above three slender legs, the table is resilient, while still providing ideal storage space that’s accessible from all sides. Every table is numbered, signed and engraved with a brass inlay including a concept sketch from Graham’s sketchbook. The Ba Table showcases innovation through the exploration of simplicity and complexity, and the contrast of playfulness and modularity. The design draws on different disciplines, old and new, to find the right balance between form and function. 

One Hundred Ninth develops innovative products at the intersection of concept and production - bringing to fruition ambitious ideas, gestures and expressive forms. The Ba Table was further developed, engineered and crafted at  their facility in Philadelphia, PA.​​​​​​​
The Ba Table as an individual piece is an expressive layered sculpture, an undulating splash captured in metal. When more tables are introduced the single table grows to a kit of parts with infinite compositions. The hexagonal organization allows each table to retain its expressiveness while providing maximum flexibility to configure in a variety of ways: a circular pod, long linear table, zig-zag, or grand pyramid, to name a few. The table is designed to feel random and gestural but is utterly precise, which makes the adaptability surprising.

Inspiration for the table draws from several disciplines - techniques of pattern-making in the context of textile design inform the motif with an offset repeat that’s difficult to visually detect, and the idea of a tessellation is both geometric and artistic. Applying these properties using computational and parametric tools allows us to hone the shape in a multitude of iterations. The result is two tessellations occurring in conjunction to create the ultimate side or accent table. Both surfaces are carefully designed to create space for storage and display that nest together infinitely in all directions.

The Ba Table is constructed from the least amount of material without losing integrity or compromising its powerful design. The steel construction of the table is durable and robust, allowing the table to be built efficiently with the least amount of material for the largest surface. The powder coating further protects the Ba Table from the elements for years to come.
The Ba Tables are locally manufactured in Philadelphia by One Hundred Ninth. The close collaboration between the designer and fabricator allows the team to closely monitor the complete process from prototype to product, reducing inefficiencies and irresponsible sourcing.

The Team

Matt Tarosky
Graham Kelman
Lindsay Weiss
Kevin Chen
Max Greenberg
Katie McCormick
Raunak Deshmukh
Kelsey Owens
Grace Choi
Colin Lew
Michael Levengood
Caroline Shank

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