The Future + Heritage Pavilion
Completed 2022
Athens, Greece
Courtesy of Lamda Development, Media Monks, and The Ellinikon
Role:  Installation Design
Fabrication + Engineering:  Hypsos

Located in Athens, the Future and Heritage Pavilion is the centerpiece in a once defunct airport hanger, converted into a new experiential playground. The purpose is to showcase the new vision for the development of the Greek waterfront, one that aims to rival the great urban parks of New York and London.

This is a long term master plan, that for now is visualized in a massive architectural model inside of the pavilion, with 360 immersive video mapping that takes over the interior, bringing the maquette to life.

The twisting louvers wrap around the exterior, designed to create moments of transparency from within. The form was inspired by the aerodynamic qualities of airfoils and the formal moves of Eero Saarinen who designed the airport on this site.

Conceptual Renderings
Conceptual Renderings
Essential Design Element Diagram
Conceptual Rendering
Conceptual Rendering
Conceptual Rendering
Conceptual 3D Mapping Visualization
View of Interior Maquette

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