The Playground of Isolation_2020
Illustration selected by Architizer as a top 100 Commended Rendering of the Year for the #OneRenderingChallenge celebrating the best examples of architectural storytelling In Architecture’s biggest visualization competition. 

A surreal architectural installation that celebrates the resilience of youth and the potential of rebuilding without preconceived notions. The scene depicts contrasting themes of isolation and togetherness, old and new, dormant and dynamic. Classical ruins represent a longing for the past now gone, seemingly unattainable and grand. The dead forest acts as a natural foundation for bright gestures of architectural foliage. The canopy creates a flowing sculpture, breathing life into the static wilderness. Each tree supports a branch-like metal armature, draping contoured fabric sails to create colorful prosthetic flourishes. Children play and ponder, seemingly indifferent to the rain.
The Ecstasy of Isolation
A sister illustration to the Playground of Isolation

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