The Woods​​​​​​​
At the dawn of the 2020 pandemic, I left NYC to quarantine in upstate New York. Now surrounded by a silent forest rather than a buzzing city, I now had time to focus on what once was prosaic. I began to envision site-specific sculptures within the environment. Dead trees rising out of a lake became foundational columns for prosthetic tree canopy installations. Clearings within the forest formed spaces for meandering catenary installations that acted as physical interventions within the woods. The isolation and unreachability of these architectural follies aim to capture the feeling of this unprecedented time.
Dead Tree Prosthetic Canopy Sculpture
Dormant tree trunks become central pillars for cantilevered metal branch structures that suspend a canopy of draped fabric panels. The metal branches act as the original branches once did, while the fabric act as a crown of leaves flowing within the natural breeze.
Vaulted Gully
Meandering spline-like structures create a series of suspended catenary fabric contours implying a flowing gesture. The ribbons length remains constant, undulating in form depending on the position of the metal spine at any given point, acting as a hovering stream within the clearing.

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