PROJECT STATEMENT +​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
We read the same words, draw diametrically different conclusions, and proceed to live in alternately conflicting realities. What once was a tool for communication is now a catalyst for division. If the medium of language has lost it’s function to communicate common meaning, does it now exist primarily as decoration? Can dialogue exist when words divide? What is the alternative to dialogue?
The Word Search Series investigates concepts of contradiction and loss of meaning through the use of a single sculpture made from many individual sculptures. Each viewer is invited to excavate the hidden poem(s).
The artwork is designed to evolve into new works, where each glyph module moves on a system of hidden rails. New poems are composed on a regular basis.
Artist/Photographer: Graham Kelman
Design Consultant: Jorge Parreira
Fabrication Partner: The New Motor
Digital Fabrication Consultant: Chris Malloy
Graphic Design: Joe Lovarco
60” x 60” X 5”
Concrete, aluminum hardware
interested in an installation in your space? 
word series works are modular, and created custom per commission.
please contact for more information:
Thank you!

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